Prop Concept Art

I created this prop concept art for The Mills game.


I start by researching vintage tools used by mechanics. Then, by looking at three or four at the time, I quickly sketched out their combined silhouettes with an added creative flair. Later, I happened to attend a place where retro elevator buttons stood out to me. I thought these buttons were the perfect details. I then rendered silhouetted sketches and asked people which of them stood out to them. From this information, I painted four tools that were favorites. However, this wasn’t the result, as I showed it to someone that pointed out that one of the tools did not look function and only looked pretty. I revised this particular tool.


I took these photos at a good friends classic car shop in Sunrise, Florida. By the shop is a junk yard that has a lot of gems that lay in the rust. If you have ever seen a junk yard with only classic Rolls Royce, Bentley and Jaguar parts – it is anything but junk. It is a beautiful art gallery yard.

Game link:

The Mills game

Robot Concept Art

I created this robot creature concept art as part of my personal work.


First, I was thinking about how a character balances (their weight) and how I could stretch this idea. Once I set the two balancing leg points, I freely sketched the rest of the body without picking up the pencil much at all. Any mistake became the areas where the robot was cracked.

I tried taking the idea of a sewing machine and rotating it around in different ways to be the body of the robot. Then, I chose a limited retro color palette and rendered them. I liked the minimalistic look and thought that the small details such as the cracks were not necessary. And finally, I added a bandage to one as it portrayed a narrative.


Inspired by retro sewing machines as pictured below.