The Mills – Tabletop Game

A collaborative deck building survival card game between The Engineer and The Welder, working together to combat machines.

Gameplay: Players explore to find parts such as scrap metal and batteries to create tools. The tools along with further parts can be use to build protection from machines. Hexagonal Pieces that resemble Scrap Metal on the board are the protective barriers.

Created by: Nova Villanueva

The Mills

The Mills is a despair survival game set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic world. As The Engineer, the lone human among robots, you scavenge for resources. each of the robots is unique-some are kind, some frightening, and some aggressive.

As you try to stay alive, you must constantly make choices-will you focus on your survival alone, or help the robots who come across your path?

Watch the development on Twitch:

Game Development: Nova Villanueva
Audio: Hunter Hanson
Vocal: Aubrey Haikens


StarCoder is the first massively multiplayer online space action game that teaches kids coding as they play.

Developer: Win2Learn
Tree Game Designer: Nova Villanueva

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